this is a live recording from a direct line out of the sound board (that s why the sound from the audience isn’t as raucaus as US experienced it on stage) on our recent gig  opening for adam ant on the north american leg of his world tour. it was recorded at the regency ballroom in san francisco, california - 10/18/2012

the recording isn’t the gratest sound quality i ever heard, but we love it because it captures the essence of what we re trying to accomplish with our live shows!i

hope you enjo it as much as we enjoyed playing throughout the tour!!

with all our love from sao paulo, brasil
supla and joao
Brothers of Brazil is comprised of brothers Supla and Joäo, and their music features a unique mix of styles and genres, reflecting bossa nova, samba, funk, and rock. The South American duo got their start in entertainment on a Brazilian variety show called Brothers on Rede TV, which led to their founding of Brothers of Brazil. Their second album, On My Way, was released this year, following their eponymous debut.

I had a chance to chat with Joäo via phone early the day of the show, and he was a very nice guy with an obvious passion for music. However, that did not prepare me for their live show, which was more energy than you often feel from headliners – I think that the two brothers were having as much fun – if not more – than anyone of the 2,300+ in attendance. Having had an opportunity to check out their albums before the show, I’d say they sound a bit different live (not in a good or bad way, but obviously a less produced sound, which seemed to work for them equally well). They were very entertaining, and though brothers, they definitely struck a contrast between the suave, suit-laden Joäo and Supla, who appeared to be someone of a mix between John Lydon and Maximus from Gladiator. I had a chance to chat with him briefly after the show as well – truly genuine and nice guys.

The funnest (and funniest) part of their set, for me, was the ending… which kept building and building… and you’d think they were about done, and they’d kick it into another song. It was quite awesome. I really enjoyed them, and kudos to Adam Ant for giving them some exposure and introducing them to his own fans.

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